“The Patience of Job” is the story of the Prophet Job, peace be upon him


Our Master Ayoub, peace be upon him

Who is Ayoub, peace be upon him?

He is Job bin Mose bin Zarah bin Isaac, from the descendants of Abraham, peace be upon him. God Almighty said (And from his descendants were David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, and Aaron). The Prophet of God, Job, peace be upon him, is a prophet who was inspired to him and one of the greatest prophets. God Almighty said (And We revealed to Abraham and Ishmael And Isaac, and Jacob, and the tribes, and Jesus, and Job) The Prophet of God, Job, was married to his cousin, Rahma, daughter of Joseph bin Jacob, peace be upon them both.

The life of Job, peace be upon him, before his three ordeals
What did God bestow upon His Prophet Ayoub?

Ayoub, peace be upon him, was sent to Harran, and the Holy Qur’an did not address his preaching life, but rather mentioned some of his characteristics. Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar narrated that Ayoub, peace be upon him, had aspects of Damascus that he possessed, and that was one of the blessings of God Almighty upon him, but those aspects were taken away from him little by little, and he was patient and patient. He continued to pray to people for seventy years, during which he was of great piety. He benefited people and treated them kindly. He took care of orphans and honored guests. He did not accept to sleep full while someone was hungry or to be well, while others around were suffering from financial hardship. So God Almighty bestowed goodness upon Ayoub, peace be upon him. Abundant, and Job fulfilled the rights of God Almighty and was thankful for Him.

The story of our master Job, peace be upon him

The three ordeals of our master Job:

What happened to Job, peace be upon him?

It was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an that the Prophet of God, Job, peace be upon him, was subjected to a test of adversity, and God Almighty praised him in His saying (Indeed, we found him patient. How excellent is the servant. Indeed, he is steadfast). After God Almighty tested him with blessings and he paid thanks for them, he succeeded in that test in terms of his children, his health, and his money. At first he lost his money and then He lost his children, and finally his health was afflicted. The scholars differed regarding the affliction that befell his body, and he lived through these tribulations for a long time. The scholars differed in determining the duration of the period between three years and eighteen years, according to some sayings.

Prophet Job remained alone:

Who stayed with Job, peace be upon him?

All the people turned away from the Prophet of God, Job, peace be upon him, after God Almighty afflicted him. He remained alone, and no one remained with him except his wife. She was extremely keen on his recovery, seeking medicine for him as much as she could.

Our Master Job’s wife consoled him

How did the wife of our Prophet Ayoub show her patience during the calamity?

She was the wife of Ayoub, peace be upon him, and yes, she served him and helped him with all patience and consideration. It was narrated that she used to work for people so that she and her husband could manage her affairs and so that she could treat her husband, until the matter reached the point of affliction that people refused to work with her for fear that she would be a cause of death. Transmitting the infection to them.

The patience of Ayoub and his wife

What did Job answer when he was asked to pray to God to reveal the calamity?

Job, peace be upon him, was patient when the affliction befell him. When his wife asked him to pray to his Lord to remove the affliction, he told her that God had bestowed upon them a long period of time, so how could he not be patient with the tribulations they were afflicted with? On the authority of the great companion Ibn Abbas, he said, “Ayoub’s wife said to Job: You A man responded to the invitation, so pray to God to heal you. He said: We were in bliss for seventy years, so let us be in calamity for seventy years. He said, so he remained in that calamity for seven years, and all she had to do was patience and sympathy for her husband, doing her best to help her husband, and spending on her household without deviating. By right.

Job's patience in the face of adversity and trials

Ayoub's wife sold her hair

How did Ayoub's wife play her role in patience?

After Ayoub’s wife, peace be upon him, lost her job opportunities and people refused to treat her, she cut her braid and sold it to one of the nobles’ daughters, in exchange for a generous share of food. Then she cut the second braid and sold it to support her husband, Ayoub, peace be upon him.

The position of our Master Job regarding his wife’s actions. What did Job, peace be upon him, do upon learning of his wife selling her hair?

When Job, peace be upon him, learned that his wife sold her two braids of her hair to help him and support him, he was greatly hurt and saddened by the situation his wife had reached. Then he decided to pray to God Almighty to remove from them the affliction that made his wife do anything that God Almighty had made permissible to help her husband and so that he could pass this test with complete patience. And the calculation.

What supplication was known about Job, peace be upon him?

After the expiry of the appointed time of God Almighty for afflicting Job with adversity, and with the facilitation and appreciation of God, Job called upon his Lord to remove from him the calamity that befell his body, his property, and his children, when God Almighty said: (And Job, when he called upon his Lord, “Indeed, adversity has touched me, and You are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.” And God Almighty said in another place, “And remember Our servant. Job, when he called out to his Lord, “Indeed, Satan has afflicted me with calamity and torment.” It shows the manners of Job, peace be upon him, in his supplication to his Lord Almighty in attributing harm to Satan.

What did God Almighty reward Job, peace be upon him?

God Almighty responded to the supplication of His Prophet Ayoub, peace be upon him, and relieved him and his wife’s distress, and God lifted the calamity from them. The Almighty said: (Run with your foot; this is a cool place to wash and drink.)
So God Almighty commanded him to strike his foot on the ground so that a spring of water would emerge, so he would bathe in it and recover from any affliction that had befallen his body. He struck his foot in another place and a spring of water would appear, so God Almighty commanded him to drink from it. Thus, health was perfect in him, peace be upon him, and his patience with the loss of the child was rewarded by God restoring his family to him. And the same is with them, as God Almighty said (And We bestowed upon him his family, and the like of them with them, as a mercy from Us and a reminder for those of understanding) and the scholars differed on the method of returning his family to him, according to sayings which are:

• They were given life through their livelihoods and the provision of God Almighty like them in the life of this world. This is the saying of Ibn Abbas, Ibn Masoud and Mujahid.

• He, peace be upon him, had the choice between bringing his children with their own selves or leaving them in Paradise rather than bringing someone like them, so he chose that they remain in Paradise and that someone like them be brought in this worldly life.

• God Almighty gave him a reward for losing his children in the afterlife, and God Almighty blessed him with people like them in this life.

Despite the differences in opinions, the agreement was that he was rewarded with a doubling of God Almighty’s material and moral blessings for the patience and consideration he provided during the period during which God afflicted him. As for his wife, she was restored to the stage of youth.
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