The mysterious city in Antarctica

 The continent of Antarctica is considered one of the most mysterious places on Earth. The continent of Antarctica, or the continent of Antarctica, is located in the far south of the Earth. Antarctica is also considered the largest desert in the world, with an area exceeding 13 million kilometers. In addition, the continent of Antarctica is the coldest and driest place on Earth. The surface of the earth due to the lack of rainfall.

This mysterious place has attracted many countries and scientific missions to discover it. Many countries, the most important of which are Russia, Germany, and America, maintain centers for scientific research on the continent of Antarctica, as it is rumored that this continent is a place for many organisms, viruses, and microbes that have not yet been discovered.

Antarctica puzzle

Antarctica is the sixth largest continent on Earth in terms of area. It is a semicircular land mass with a diameter of about 45,000 kilometers and is located below 60 degrees south latitude on the Earth. Therefore, it is the coldest and driest continent ever.

It is also interesting that this continent contains the largest chain of volcanoes, more than any other place on the planet Earth. Despite the extreme cold and frost that characterizes the continent of Antarctica, beneath its icy layer is a network of warm caves that are suitable for life within it.

It is rumored that the first person to reach Antarctica was a Russian expedition in 1820 AD, with the aim of conducting some scientific research and studying the organisms present on the surface of the continent.

Germany was and still is one of the best countries that manufacture submarines, which made it easier for them to reach the continent, which was and is still unknown and mysterious, and to surprise the world by sending a fleet of submarines to the continent of Antarctica and building German colonies under the seas and oceans. Immediately upon the arrival of the Germans to the continent of Antarctica, they established a large colony there and gave it a name. In German, this colony still exists to this day, which aroused the curiosity of many countries, most notably the United States of America, which was trying to spy on the Germans to find out what they were doing there.

Meanwhile, World War II broke out and ended with the defeat of Germany, which prompted America to resend missions to the continent of Antarctica. There, they were surprised by the presence of a large human colony, as the Germans had brought more than 9,000 women, and they married soldiers and had children, which surprised the Americans.

After the increase in scientific and exploratory trips to the continent of Antarctica, especially from the United States of America, which sent giant naval fleets and warplanes, led by Admiral Richard Byrd, there, which prompted people to ask many questions about the feasibility of sending all these naval fleets, ships and warplanes if the The goal is scientific studies, which led to the spread of many rumors about the presence of giant alien beings on this continent that communicate secretly with officials of the United States of America.

The United States of America sent Admiral Richard Byrd to the Antarctic continent on various missions, the most important of which was spying on the German colonies on the continent immediately after World War II. However, this admiral, after a period of separation from service, made many controversial statements that shook the world about the Antarctic continent, and even wrote a detailed book. About this mysterious continent and his travels there, he called him “The Conqueror of Antarctica.”

Admiral Richard Byrd claimed that the American fleet was attacked by many flying discs from under the waters of Antarctica. He added that these discs are characterized by incredible speed that is impossible to keep up with. The admiral also says that he reached the other side of the earth through the mysterious continent, where he saw some of the animals of Antarctica, among them. Mammoths that became extinct thousands of years ago.

The Admiral's memoirs, which he wrote during his trip in Antarctica, were also characterized by controversy, as he said that he met strange beings from another planet and talked to them for hours. He added that these beings had high-speed planes and emerged from the ground, meaning that they were not alien beings, which strengthened the hypothesis of life in the interior of the Earth and the Earth theory. Hollow.

There are also some rumors and theories that indicate the existence of a hidden city that existed in Antarctica that began to appear years ago, and has occupied the minds of many scientists, as some researchers claimed that the frozen continent was hosting a legendary city like Atlantis a long time ago, and this theory claims that there was An ancient civilization in Antarctica at a time when the continent was free of ice, and that ancient civilization could be Atlantis , which the Greek philosopher Plato spoke about for the first time in 360 BC, as there had been speculation for a long time about the location of the legendary lost city , which was believed to be... It was near the Greek island of Santorini.

The legendary city in Antarctica

The existence of this secret city in Antarctica was confirmed by an old map called ( Piri Reis map ), compiled in 1513, which showed the coast of Antarctica hundreds of years before its discovery, but many scientists denounced this, and the matter was further confirmed by what he captured. Google Earth images showed what appears to be a human settlement under the ice, appearing as an oval-shaped (dome) reaching 400 feet (121 meters) high, but some believe that this formation may have been the result of a natural phenomenon formed by strong winds, ice, and heavy snowfall for several years. However, what is strange is that this formation is difficult to have an oval shape, as is clear in the picture.

The oval shape of the human settlement under the ice Google Earth

Some also claim that Hitler and his German forces knew of the existence of traces of the Lost City in Antarctica, and made it a secret Nazi base, and that the Germans claimed that Antarctica was German territory and sent an exploratory mission there, then they planned the area and discovered a network of rivers and caves, and they built a base. There is a large base there, and some assumed that this base is still home to the Nazis.
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