My child and the extended family: How do I protect my child from the negative words or behaviors of relatives??

 Hello to all dear visitors to my child’s world. Human beings are different, and each person has his or her style of parenting that differs from the other, even siblings. Some of them  use insults in front of children without caring, if the other rejects this method, and other bad habits that children may acquire against their will. The child Sometimes he imitates actions unconsciously.

How do we deal with such situations without telling our children that their aunt, uncle, or one of our relatives is behaving badly, and without losing their respect for them??
Here are the most important solutions to this sensitive situation.

Things you should do to protect your children from negative behavior of relatives:

Use the reward method:

There is nothing wrong with using the method of reward and reward for good behavior and encouraging the child to do positive things. When your child speaks to others in a polite way, or if someone insults him and does not respond in kind, or does not engage in wrong behavior with anyone, be sure to encourage him and praise his behavior, preferably in front of him. family so that the behavior is repeated.

Start with yourself first:

The world around us is full of mistakes, and because you are the primary source for everything for your child, and because he learns from you essentially values, morals, and behaviors, work to strengthen your relationship with your child all the time and make sure that you are friends, and always deal with him calmly and present to your child the idea of ​​accepting differences early, and also explain to him In a simplified way, how do people differ from each other in moral standards? Be a good role model for him, so do not use words that you do not want him to learn or habits. It is not logical, and even stupid, to curse in front of your child and ask him not to behave in the same way.

How he would deal with the situation if it happened:

Give your child some instructions that he can follow if someone insults him in front of him. Your child must learn the right things because he is exposed to these situations a lot in the street, on television, etc., and teach him how to respond and defend himself appropriately if an insult is directed at him.

Respect must be the master of all situations and relationships:

Always listen to your child without blaming or abusing him, and open a space for dialogue with him. Do not talk badly about adults in front of your child, and do not treat them with resentment, no matter how different they are from you. The good relationship between you and them, and between your child and them, is a path to agreeing to respect the way you raise your child.

Strengthen your child’s self-confidence and do not isolate him:

Do not isolate the child or prevent him from interacting with a bad-behaved friend directly, as this may push him to be stubborn or to talk to his friend without your knowledge. Just confront him, because this behavior is not permitted. Make sure to develop his confidence in you and in himself and do not compare him to anyone, as children with low confidence are usually the most inclined to imitate the behavior of others and be influenced by them.

Resort to establishing support circles:

Form support circles if the family's children curse or use hitting and screaming in their play to modify the children's behavior and because your child is affected by his behavior. Do not just criticize the children's behavior, because this will have a completely opposite reaction in the family relationships between you and them. If the problem is limited to the behavior of adults, ask them frankly and do not be ashamed to stop saying anything outside the context in front of the children, but ask them in a calm and decent way without making them feel that you are correcting their behavior.
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