A university professor’s proposal to blow up the moon with nuclear weapons to overcome climate problems

 A university professor presented a proposal regarding blowing up the moon with nuclear weapons, believing that this step would greatly contribute to improving the weather and weather conditions on the surface of the Earth, as well as solving many problems on the surface of the Earth.

According to the belief of university professor Alexander Appian, professor of mathematics at Iowa State University, who believes that blowing the moon into small pieces using nuclear weapons is likely to solve Earth’s problems related to climate and weather, especially since the planet Earth has recently been exposed to many dangers that It threatens human life and threatens all living creatures that live on the surface of the Earth, due to the regular rise in sea levels and the occurrence of strange annual changes in weather conditions, with the dates of the seasons changing every year and the nature of each season changing, so rain falls, for example, in the summer, which has put the whole world in a state of anxiety. Of these weather changes, which prompted many scientists to do research and scientific studies in an attempt to find some solutions that can contribute in one way or another to improving the weather and weather conditions in a practical and quick way to get out of the climate change crisis and also find solutions to the environmental pollution that prevails in the world, but is it worth it? Is this climate change blowing up the moon?!

Blowing up the moon to solve the climate problem

According to the vision of Professor Alexandre Appian, blowing up the moon itself into small pieces by targeting it with nuclear weapons is the only solution to this climate crisis and eliminating it, as he believes that the moon is the cause of all these changes in weather and climate and that it is the reason for the occurrence of many storms and snow. Volcanoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, as the moon is mixed with many things that contribute to the occurrence of these earthly disasters and make it control ocean currents and tides. It also changes the Earth’s tilt, and thus it affects the weather condition badly.

According to his belief, blowing up the main cause of all of this, which is the moon, is the ideal solution to address these problems. It is worth noting that this idea is not new of its kind, as a university professor named “Abin” stated that the planet Earth does not need the moon, as the Earth can continue to Life without a moon. He launched the theory of the “non-lunar Earth” in 1991. He launched this theory in one of the university newspapers, while some scientists proposed digging a large hole in the moon, placing an atomic bomb in it, and detonating it with a remote control.

If the idea of ​​blowing up the moon is successful, it is possible to eliminate the seasons of the year that cause climatic changes in the weather and cause volcanoes, storms and other floods and forest fires, or it can put an end to the occurrence of all these natural disasters and reduce earthquakes and snow storms, while there is a negative side to this. The explosion is what NASA warned about, which is that if the moon is blown up, a large part of this massive explosion could collide with the Earth, and if it collides with the Earth, it will kill everyone on it and destroy all life.

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