Best Street Food in Dubai

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Best Street Food in Dubai

 Arab Cuisine is perhaps one of the most sought-after cuisines in the world. And what better place to experience it than Dubai- the melting pot of culture-where different cultures have inspired its cuisine. Dubai has an international appeal for its architectural magnificence and its world-record breaker events, but it also some marvels around in the streets of the city. Dubai's street food scene is every traveller's dream. The Emirati Cuisine is a blend of many other cuisines such as Middle-Eastern and Asian cuisines. Often street food in the city includes dishes from all around the world. Frequently used ingredients include meat (such as chicken, fowl, and camel meat is used for a special occasion), grain, and dairy. On the other hand, many spices include saffron, cardamom, thyme, and turmeric.

Below are few of the most popular Street Food in Dubai:

1. Shawarma


When in Dubai you cannot miss out on the mouth-watering dish popularly known as shawarma which

is a popular middle eastern recipe prepared with lamb or mutton traditionally but is now even available in chicken, turkey or beef. Shawarmas are served hot and have fillings of hummus, pickles, vegetables, french fries, etc. 

Al mallah is one of the most popular places for shawarmas lovers. Other places to eat street food in Dubai are Al Safadi restaurant, Belad Al-Sham, Mr. Shawarma, and al barsa.

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2. Shish Tawook Sandwich

Shish Tawook Sandwich

A Lebanese dish either served in a roll or a sandwich form with a stuffing of grilled chicken shish tawouk with different veggies like cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes along with garlic spreading on the burrito. It is usually grilled or made in the stove where it is kept on rest for a few minutes.

The base for the dish is mostly a pita bread and sometimes pickles, lettuce and egg whites are added for additional taste. This lip-smacking dish just melts in the mouth, making it extremely loved by the people in Dubai and can be easily found on the 2nd December street and at filful on Al Wasl road.

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3. Chips Oman roll

Chips Oman roll

This crunchy snack is perfect to have at any time of the day. It is especially loved by the cheese lovers as it is prepared using kraft cheese as one of its main ingredients. The perfect combination of the crunchy chips Oman and freshly prepared hot roll with wheat flour gives a deadly result of this flaky paratha.

Olive oil is usually used to prepare this mouth-watering dish along with a little tinge of tabasco sauce. You can find different types of Oman chips combinations like Chips Oman Donuts at IL Donaccino,  Cheese Chips Oman Paratha at HumYum, and Cheese Chips Pancakes at Freez.

4. Harees


This in-demand Arabian dish of meaty deliciousness is most served as a side dish in the holy month of Ramadan, Eid -ul- Fitr and Arab weddings. A coarsely ground wheat is mixed with meat or chicken and then the mixture is boiled. This dish is also known by names Jareesh, Hareesa, and Arizah.

People around the globe like it differently. For example, Omanis like it with dry fruits and barista, while Arabs like it light and similarly some people like it with different spices and toppings. Al Mallas and Jumeirah beach road are the most desired places to eat this street food in Dubai.

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5. Samboosa


This Emirati recipe is nothing but fried savory triangles getting its name from the popular Indian snack samosa, and are any- time- of- the- day- snack. The samboosa is a deep-fried, a mixture of beef or meat with different vegetables and exotic spices.

You can find this snack at farzi café,  Al Abra Cafeteria, and Satwa Palace in Dubai.

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6. Manakish


All the cheese lovers get ready to drool over this Lebanese ‘pizza’ made of pita bread. Manakish can be made using a variety of bread and has an option of adding your own toppings along with the seasoning like za’atar, ground lamb, spinach, etc.

These middle eastern pizzas never disappoint and could be easily found at Al Rigga, zaroob- world trade center, all Mallah and Al Muraqqaba streets in Dubai.  

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7. Luqaimat


A traditional Emirati dish which looks like sweet little doughnut balls, but soft and chewy. These crispy fried balls can be served in different ways - firstly, the original style without any extras, secondly with cheese, and thirdly with a topping of honey, date syrup or Nutella adding more sweetness and flavors to it.

When in Dubai, you can try this classic dessert at smart in Mirdif, Al Fanar, Hum Yum, and Seven Sands.

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8. Karak with Fried Donuts

Karak with Fried Donuts

The national drink of Dubai getting its relevance from the Indian kadak chai, is very popular amongst the crowd in Dubai due to its creamy and strong taste of tea. One can easily find this drink at any roadside shops in Dubai where you will get a strong scent of cardamom and other spices being used together to make it and is available for AED 1 ( INR 20).

A few well-known places serving Karak with a side of a crispy doughnut or a sweet cake are Karak house restaurant, all fresh Karak café, Karak time (Karama beach) and many more.

9. Fareed


A great combo of flatbread usually crispy layered with meat soup. It could be prepared either way – only with vegetables and exotic spices, or with meat, lamb or chicken. This type of soupy stew is a popular dish during the month of Ramadan and usually served at the time of iftar because it’s easy on the stomach.

Seven Sands, Jumeirah Beach Road, and Al Mallas, Jumeirah Beach are places which are known for the authentic taste of fareed.

10. Madrooba


A common middle eastern dish made from a mash of beaten rice cooked on a low sim on the stove for a longer duration of time. It is considered to be one of the most nutritional, healthy and filling dishes served at various festivities. The unique ingredient to this recipe which adds a speciality to it is dried limes.

The final dish is served with the topping of fried onions and cardamom flavored butter to maintain its thick consistency. You will not find madrooba that easily as it is mostly cooked at home due to the time it takes but could be possibly be found at Al Dawaar, and Al Romansiah.

11. Knafeh


Rated as the queen of desserts, this middle eastern dessert is a sweet pastry layered with molten ooegy gooey cheese. This dish is perfect for sweet tooths and cheese lovers. Chopped pistachios are sprinkled all over this Arabic dessert and some essence of rose-scented syrup adds the perfect taste,  making it one of the most delicious foods in the city.

The local favorite and absolute gem of Dubai which serves the best knafeh is  Feras Aldiyafa Sweets and no one can beat it. 

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12. Falafel


The prime most alternative for all the vegetarians is falafel. This delightful deep-fried patty is made from chickpeas or fava beans and comes with various dressings of hummus and pita with fresh vegetables rolled around it. This vegan food is also a great source of protein and can be prepared fast and easy to make. 

Operation Falafel The Beach Mall JBR, Arabian tea house restaurant and café, and Olea are top most popular places serving this exotic dish of spices.

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